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Carocell technology was developed

with the following information in mind:

  • The World Health Organization estimates over one billion people lack access to purified drinking water.

  • It is estimated that to produce 1,000,000 litres of desalinated freshwater per day using energy hungry methods such as Reverse Osmosis membrane technology requires 27.397 tonnes of oil per day. Assuming oil costs 40c/kg then it costs $10.96 / 1000 litres.

  • Single effect solar stills have historically had an efficiency of 30 – 40%.

  • Carocell has an efficiency averaging 55 – 65% solar energy to distilled water with peak efficiencies over 80%.

  • Typical requirement for distilled water is 5 litres per person per day.

  • The quality of Carocell distilled water is very high because all the salts, inorganic and organic components and microbes are left behind in the bath. Under reasonable conditions of sunlight the temperature of the water will rise sufficiently to kill all pathogenic bacteria.

  • Of 5 years of intensive worldwide research and testing has developed its low cost and environmentally friendly Carocell solar desalinating technology.

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